CairoShell Financial Reviews

Cairo Sell look to offer the people of the UK incites into the best of the webs finance. Within our blog we look to review the world of finance, stock, investments and insurance to find you the reader the best possible advice.


We look at all the various options companies and individuals have when looking for a business loan, bridging or personal loan. Since 2007 there has been quite a few changes with payday loans and bridging loans really taking off. We look at all the various ways of raising finance a give you examples of the ones to go to and the ones not to go to.

Investments & Property

As mentioned the property market seems to be on the return and with property prices increasing again each month are we looking at another property bubble. We look at the various areas within the UK and Europe and discuss the options of making an investment inĀ  property.


Not the most interesting of subjects but unfortunately one in which we all need to be aware of. We look at businesses and personal insurance products across the market to see which ones we need and which ones we don’t. Do we need to compare the meerkat. all the time or are there alternative ways of taking out home or car insurance. We also look into the various business insurance such an indemnity business protection and key person insurance.

Stocks and Shares

Is now the time. We look at the options on the market for making a quick buck here and there. Long term and short term options using the various online platforms and web based software. Is it time to leave the office and work from home. We ask a few investors their opinions on the subject.


Yes mortgages are coming back in a big way and it looks more and more likely that we could be heading towards another property bubble. We look at all the options for residential and buy to let mortgages offered in the UK market. Is all the information from Moneysaving Expert make sense. We ask some real experts!